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the story of Sahara Connect

What is Sahara Connect? 

Sahara Connect is the result of the meeting of 3 men, 3 Algerians, 3 experts: A networking seminar in the heart of the Algerian Sahara desert!

Leaders in their respective fields, they gather us for a unique event centered around their expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, and the Leader Mindset.

Their desire is to showcase Algeria through its diverse talents.

Sahara Connect offers you the opportunity to enrich yourself through our seminar with our experts and speakers who will share their knowledge with you.

But it's more than that...

Sahara Connect is about discovering Algerian culture, its heritage, the warmth of its people, its regions, and especially the Sahara.

Come and be part of this unique and human experience.

"Together, promoting excellence!"

Sahara connect a human story


Sofiane LESAGE

Graduate of ESCP Business School Founder of Riwaya Travel, a premium platform for sustainable tourism in Algeria.

"Instantly captivated by the idea of Sahara Connect, it was obvious to put our expertise at the service of our country.

Through Riwaya Travel, as promoters of tourism in Algeria, we are committed to showcasing our Heritage.

Sahara Connect offers the opportunity to highlight Algeria in all its diversity, with a particular focus on the Tuareg populations.

Our desire is to unite participants and showcase Algerian excellence."


Abdelkrim BENNOUR

Former N°2 at Ingram Micro France. Founder of the SDAM™️ movement.

"Success without contribution, in my opinion, is not optimal.

It is time to give back to Algeria what it has given me most dearly: My parents, my culture, my personality...

Sahara Connect combines an exceptional human experience, the growth of numerous individuals, and an unequivocal contribution.

It's Time to SDAM™️ for Algeria!""



Founder of the start-up Evolukid and the KESK'IA program.

"If a project doesn't have social, environmental, or economic impact, then it holds no importance to me.

I firmly believe that Sahara Connect will have a positive impact not only in Algeria but also on an international level.

It's a unique opportunity to showcase Algerian heritage by connecting different ecosystems of wealth."

"I am proud to contribute to this project."